Stonebrook Roofing Inc. is grounded in leadership through the Stonebrook People Philosophy, (SPP), continuous and on-going improvement, and the Stonebrook Roofing company values. We foster a positive work environment that recognizes all employees as mature, responsible adults who are committed to doing the best possible job. This philosophy emphasizes teamwork, open two-way communication, employee involvement in matters that affect that individual, and the concept that all members of the team share the responsibility for the effectiveness of the operation. We work together as a team to meet our company goals and have mutual trust and respect for everyone. It is basically an honor system in which all individuals make a deep and respectful commitment to themselves and to the entire group. This environment fosters participation by everyone to eliminate the negatives and assume the positive in people and focus on improving work processes. Which in turn results in not only complete customer satisfaction but also rewarding work for all of our employees.

“Open Door and Open Floor” help define the Stonebrook Roofing Inc. work environment. Our dedicated team of professionals, and the skills they posses, along with the organization’s capabilities provide superior quality to the community we serve. This allows both employees and Stonebrook Roofing Inc. to grow and prosper.

We believe we have one opportunity to install a roofing system that will provide weather protection for the lifespan of the product, therefore we only install manufacturer recommended products. We also take extra measures for our systems such as using ice & water shield, and high-wind nailing our asphalt shingles, (5-6 nails per shingle, 2 nails at rake edges, and 4 nails per ridge tile).